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Limerick hero visits Beech Lodge
Article Uploaded : 28/02/2014 13:14:02 by Beech Lodge

WE had the privilege of having Limerick hero Ger Hogan visit Beech Lodge Care Facility this week.

Ger rescued several people during the flooding in St Mary's Park with the help of his horse and cart.  Several photos of Ger in action appeared in local newspapers.

Ger is a brother of resident Fidelma and Beech Lodge were delighted to host a party for Ger to thank him for his dedication and strong community spirit.

"I am very proud of Ger," said Fidelma. "He did a great job in St Mary's Park that day and helped a lot of people who were in trouble. I am proud to call him my brother". 

Pictured are Fidelma and Ger (seated) and their sisters: