– JANUARY 2014
We would like to welcome all of the new residents and hope that you are settling in well.
We would like to thank all of you who visited over the Christmas and New Year period. The residents love when you come to visit. We would also like to thank all of you who brought thoughtful gifts for the staff of Beech Lodge, it was very much appreciated by all.
From the 1st of December 2013 the cost of medications under the medical card has increased to 2.50 per item. The maximum monthly charge will now be 25.00.
Skype is now available at Beech Lodge for the residents use. This is proving to be a huge success and a number of the residents are really enjoying using this service. We would encourage those of you who have computer access to use Skype to speak to your loved ones at Beech Lodge.
Our activities co-ordinator, Bridget has been doing life story books with the residents. These books tell a story of their life and can be filled with keep sakes and memories and are proving to be very beneficial for the residents. As these books are filled with memories they are a great talking point and are a lovely thing to share with families and friends. We would appreciate if you could bring in any photographs, letters or mementos that could be included in the book.
- Game of French Bowls: as part of the activity programme they have started to play French bowls. This is like bowling and the residents are really enjoying playing this game. Residents are encouraged to take part in group games to improve the residents balance and promote social integration amongst residents.
- Brain Training Games: some of the residents have started to play brain training games on the internet. Brain training is a series of structured activities that feel like games to arouse and strengthen the brain including attention and working memory. The residents also enjoy this as they like using the computer and enjoy the one on one time with our activity coordinator who assists them play the games.
We will be displaying a copy of this newsletter each month in the main entrance hallway for all to view.
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