Our residents are very important to us and we at Beech Lodge want to ensure that they are kept active and that our activities are purposeful for each individual.Most importantly, our residents shall have fun. Because of that our activities coordinators are strongly willed and highly motivated to create excellent entertainment to suit the needs of all our residents through activities schedules.


On admission our care staff and activities coordinators speak to residents about their interests and this feedback is incorporated into the schedule.

On a weekly basis, our residents can participate in the following activities:

  • SONAS Group and SONAS Sims Sessions
  • Music Therapy each Tuesday
  • Rosary Group
  • Newspaper Group
  • Baking
  • Game Tournaments
  • Reminiscence group
  • Doll Therapy
  • Gardening (Summer Months))
  • Saturday Party Trolley
  • Outings in our mini-bus
  • Exercise Group with our Physiotherapist
  • Walking Club with our Physiotherapist
  • Life stories
  • Live music every Thursday
  • DVD Afternoons
  • Mass in-house each Friday
  • Hairdresser service
  • Bingo
  • Carpet Bowls with our Physiotherapist
  • Animal Therapy with our Rhode Island Hens
  • Beauty Care/Hand Massages
  • Library Bus service once a month

Suggestions from residents and their families on new activities or suggestions for outings are welcomed at any time.


We regularly stage performances from the hugely talented Butterfly Company along with local schools, choirs and a number of other entertainment companies. We welcome all forms of entertainment for our residents to enjoy. Themes for 2015 include: "Music from the 50's", "Around the World", "A night at the movies", "Rocking around the Christmas tree",....and so much more.

For information on our next performance date, please feel free to call us on 063-90522.


Each resident's birthday is celebrated with a special party and a home-made birthday cake fresh from our kitchen.


Beech Lodge throws two main events each year for residents and their families; this include our annual summer party and our Christmas party.

Our residents also celebrate Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and St. Patrick's Day with a themed party. Photos from these events can be seen on our Facebook page.


In any case, we respect our resident's right to privacy and having time alone, though if they have the longing to see or phone someone, any time. They have also free choice about which activities they want to take part in and even if they just wish to sit out in one of our sitting rooms or in the enclosed gardens they are most welcome to do so.

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