Our dedicated kitchen staff cater for all dietary requirements and preferences. Our menu is developed with the assistance of our dietician.

Every meal (Breakfast, Lunch and Supper) is made freshly on-site each day.

Scones, breads and cakes are baked daily by our qualified chef.

Meal Times


7am-8am: Bedrooms

9am-10.30am:  Dining Room

Soup, Scones & Tea: 10.30am Bedrooms, Dome and Dining Room


12pm: Bedrooms & Dining Room

12.30pm: Dining Room

Afternoon Tea & Snacks: 2.30pm: Bedrooms, Dome and Dining Room


4.30pm: Bedrooms & Dining Room

5pm: Dining Room

Evening Tea & Sandwiches

7.45pm: Bedrooms, Dome and Dining Room

Tea, Toast & Variety of Beverages

10pm: Bedrooms, Dome and Dining Room

(These times are by choice of the resident. Earlier and later meal times can be accommodated.)


Here is a taste of one of Beech Lodge's daily menus:


Lamb cutlets

Cod in Batter

Roast Chicken - With: Sliced potatoes, carrots, broccoli


Fruit tart and whipped cream

Custard with fruit

Jelly and Ice-cream

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